In collaboration with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, MPriCE project is being undertaken to improve care, experience and outcomes for patients with suspected & diagnosed cancer through the development of equitable cancer education for the primary care workforce across Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M). The project was launched in October 2019 and a series of primary care staff surveys, consultations and stakeholder engagement across the region have commenced.

Project impact and potential long-term outcomes

Project completion will guide implementation/ provision of a more accessible, equitable, standardised and sustainable cancer education programme relevant to local practice for the primary care workforce across C&M. This would include:

  • Access to on-line cancer educational portals/ e-learning resources to support continuous development;
  • A centralised platform based at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre for the coordination of cancer education programmes;
  • Completion of agreed and accredited cancer education courses to increase knowledge, awareness and confidence of C&M primary care workforce in the delivery of standardised care and support to their patients

It is expected that in the long term, the project would contribute to improvement in cancer detection and referral rates; increase in 5 to 10-year cancer survival rate and improvement in cancer patient experience across C&M.

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